PSA Day 2020 BCTF Core Sessions

The BCTF’s sessions will occur on Friday, October 23, 2020, at PST (Pacific Standard Time). BCTF sessions are drop-in and one hour long and may include a 15 minute question and answer period afterwards. To gain access to the any of the following sessions register to attend a participating PSA’s conference.


What is Education Policy? Why is it important?

Discover how Education Policy drives what happens in our school system. Learn about the different types of policy, where to find them and how they can be used by teachers and union locals to support members.

Grahame Rainey

Grahame Rainey is an Assistant Director at the BC Teachers’ Federation. In his role, he acts as a liason between the Federation and the Ministry of Education on Education Policy.



Science of Mindfulness

Come learn simple science-based mindfulness strategies and breathing techniques that will support lifelong wellbeing. Mindfulness is an easy concept to understand but challenging to practice. This session will be fun, interactive and will focus on hands-on skills one can use immediately. Mindfulness allows us to feel calm and present – self compassion is a healing and restorative practice. Students and teachers need easy and effective tools to manage life ups and downs with grace. After the session participants will be able to: – Use techniques that calm the nervous system – Support students wellness using science based strategies in mindfulness for schools.

Dominique Sullivan

headshot of Dominique Sullivan

Dominique Sullivan is a teacher-librarian and practicing yoga instructor in Nanaimo. She is the Zen Librarian! In her early twenties, she struggled with stress and anxiety and turned to yoga for mental health. Over the last 17 years, Dominique’s quest for wellness has brought her to a place of calm and joy that she wishes to share with others. In 2018, she became a certified Making Friends with Yourself for teens and works with the Centre of Mindful Self Compassion to help teens around the world. Visit for more information for follow Zen Librarian on Facebook, Youtube Twitter and Instagram.


International webinar: Privacy and Educational Technology

In this panel, teachers from British Columbia and Latin America will exchange experiences on the impact of Covid19 in education work, focusing on privacy and educational technology. Two panelists will engage participants in questions such as: How do teachers use their professional autonomy to engage technology? How do we confront unequal access to technology? What is the interrelation between technologies and social systems? How do we build solidarity, both locally and internationally, on these issues? The session will feature simultaneous translation (Spanish/English).

Andrée Gacoin (Host)


What is TIP (Trauma Informed Practice) and how can it help me in the era of COVID-19?

  • Understand the neurological changes that happen when a child is exposed to trauma
  • Understand attachment theory and the healing effects of caring, connected relationships
  • Putting theory into practice: tips to take into the classroom

Dr. Linda Uyeda

Dr. Linda Uyeda is a family physician who works at several Fraser Health youth clinics and at the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital. Her own personal journey into child development began 16 years ago with the birth of her first child. Like many new parents, she felt confused about advice she was receiving from family and friends and turned to the scientific community for answers. She expanded her medical education to explore neuroscience, parenting, trauma and attachment and was fascinated by what she found. After incorporating this information into her own family and medical practice with great success, she has begun educating parents, counsellors, teachers and physicians about what she has learned.


Lunch Break

BC Field Trips Online

Founded in 2003 by four volunteers from the education community, BC Field Trips works to connect teachers with meaningful, curriculum-related community-based learning experiences through the website and an annual event bringing teachers and field trip sites together. In these new teaching and learning times, BC Field Trips has done what all educators have done, adapted, and we look forward to sharing how the upgraded website can help teachers find and connect with community-based virtual field trips, online events, and teaching resources to keep those community connections strong, even when opportunities for traditional field trips feel challenging. In this session, we’ll share how to use the BC Field Trips website effectively (from the comfort of home in your pyjamas!) and highlight some of the innovative learning experiences our field trip partners have created to keep you and your students learning in these new times.

BC Field Trips

Founded in 2003 by four volunteers from the education community, BC Field Trips works to connect teachers with meaningful, curriculum-related community-based learning experiences.


BC Showcase: School Focus

An exploration and discussion on some practical school-based solutions to teaching and learning. This session will feature a selection of educators from across the province, showcasing and sharing how they have adapted to teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • School wide approaches
  • Collaboration among staff/departments/intra-district
  • Technology in schools & remote field-experiences

Henry Lee (Host)


How Teachers Can Manage Their Mental Fitness In A COVID World

Discover what the COVID-19 pandemic means for you as a teacher and learn what you can do to manage the changing conditions.

Dr. Andrew Miki

Headshot of Andrew Miki

Dr. Andrew Miki is a registered psychologist in BC who specializes in neuropsychology and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from York University in Toronto. His doctoral work included extensive CBT training in hospital and academic settings. Andrew founded Starling Minds in 2013 when he lauched a digital CBT progam for educators across BC. Today, Starling Minds offers digital CBT solutions for forward-thinking organizations who are looking to take a preventative approach to employee mental health. Starling Minds covers 420,000 lives across Canada to help people build resilience to stress, anxiety, and depression. Andrew’s passion is to use education to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and to reduce barriers to accessing evidence-based treatment.


BC Showcase: School Focus

An exploration and discussion on some practical classroom-based solutions to teaching and learning. This session will feature a selection of educators from around the province, showcasing and sharing how they have adapted their classroom during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Classroom set-up and safety issues
  • Differences between elementary and secondary classrooms
  • Technology in various classrooms

Henry Lee (Host)


Teacher Wellness and the Challenges of Covid

In this session we will disucss the key components of teacher wellness, and how teachers can identify wellness challenges in order to make changes and stay well. We will also discuss some of the additonal challenges teachers are facing due to Covid.

Wade Repta

Author of The Well Teacher, Wade Repta, BHSc, OT, is an occupational therapist and certified disability management professional who has spent almost 20 years working with teachers to help them minimize barriers and remain in the classroom. This work has allowed Wade to develope a unique understanding of the challenges facing teachers in today’s dynamic educational settings. Wade is the Vice President of humanworks, and he currently lives with his family in Parksville, BC.