Welcome to the #PSAday landing page, your one-stop spot for PSA conferences! With the shift to digital conferences this year, the BCTF is supporting the 32 Provincial Specialist Associations by offering the option to participate in a unified platform. Many PSAs took advantage of this, and their registrants will have access to the BCTF Core Sessions as well as that PSA’s workshop sessions. Other PSAs had already committed to different organizational structures, but you can find links to their websites and #PSAday conferences on this site as well.

Please note that the PSAs schedules may differ from the BCTF’s Core Sessions schedule and plan accordingly. The BCTF’s sessions will occur on Friday, October 23, 2020, at PST (Pacific Standard Time). BCTF sessions are one hour long and may include a 15 minute question and answer period afterwards. Registering for any participating PSA conference will give you day-of access to the drop-in BCTF Core Sessions.

PSA Day 2020 BCTF Core Sessions

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Indigenous Welcome
Welcome from Teri Mooring


B1 Science of Mindfulness
Dominique Sullivan


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